Blue Rose Fiction

This is a post of the fictional writings of lovelyblueroses, but you can call me Rose if you want. There is fanfiction and original writing alike. I also post links or reblog writing that I find interesting or enjoyed reading.

Notice that, with the exception of my original stories, the characters and settings belong to their respective owners, not me. I make no money off this blog and the only reason I write fan fiction is because I find it enjoyable and I want to spread that to others.

I do write or reblog boy/boy and girl/girl pairings in addition to boy/girl pairings so if you are offended by that, don't read anything. I will clearly label anything that may be not safe for work for whatever reason. I don't write a lot of x-rated scenes, but I do write on very intense subject matters and the situations can be bloody or violent.

Feel free to message me with any suggestions, critiques, or ideas for writing that you have. I do take requests, so don't be afraid to ask. Enjoy, please.
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